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Incredibly delicious a tropical strain similar to Banana Punch’s taste is a product of Symbiotic Genetics. Where the cultivators brought up this strain from the crossing of crowd favourites Banana OG and Purple Punch. As a result this hybrid provides consumers with a relaxing high.

The mouth-watering taste of Banana Punch cannabis reminds consumers of tropical fruit including, pineapples, bananas and a bit citrus. Furthermore the flavours brought by Limonene and Pinene terpenes are citrusy and piney. The bud smells like ripe bananas and pineapples, with spicy and peppery herbal hints created by caryophyllene terpene.

Banana Punch weed’s potency is moderate, ranging around 22% THC. Beginner users should proceed carefully, avoiding large doses and, thus, side effects.

Intermediate and advanced smokers may feel free while enjoy this delicious bud. While it is the best evening or night time because of its relaxing and sedative effects. As a typical Indica Banana Punch marijuana needs some time to show itself. When the high creeps in, consumers mention the face buzz and incredibly relaxing feeling all over the body. Some say that this strain produces tranquilizing effects. The tingly sensation erases the pain leaving the head and body calm and heavy.

Banana Punch strain increases focus with the uplifted mood, allowing users to deal with mundane chores at the first high stage. There is no chance for users to be productive as it wears on. Lazy and happy drowsiness kicks in and makes the closest couch very attractive.

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