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About Big Foot

California Big Foot is a hybrid cannabis strain (50/50). It is an even sativa-indica cross combining Hash Plant and Grimace genetics and is loved for its potency unique effects.

Big Foot combines the best of both sativa and indica effects. The high from this strain generally kicks off with a euphoric cerebral buzz typical of a sativa; think rapid-fire thoughts, plenty of energy, and an overall happy, slightly goofy mood. However, about halfway into the experience most users experience a slight shift into a more indica-like experience. This is usually characterised by deep body relaxation and an overall sense of calm.

Some users find that the indica-like effects are more obvious in stronger doses while the sativa effects tend to come across in small-to-medium doses. This makes for an extremely versatile strain that can be enjoyed by both indica and sativa lovers. The average THC content of this strain can clock in at 22%.

Medical patients may turn to this strain from fast-acting relief from stress and anxiety or as a mood enhancer. Others might also find the physical effects useful in curbing pain. Larger doses with a more indica-like effect may also be useful in helping sooth symptoms of insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

Big Foot has a very complex aromatic profile. These buds usually give off a very potent smell and aroma has sweet, slightly fruity characteristics. Some users may also detect some light spicy undertones, or even hints of pine. The taste of this strain is usually has sweet, fruity flavours.


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