We often come across people who are fooled by the guerrillas of our common cannabis war, but then, at the most inconvenient moment, they refuse to share zoot with you or, even worse, say that they have nothing, and they are stink like Amsterdam.


At such moments, all common flies fly before your eyes, and the question arises: how not to fall into the trap of such devils again.


First you need to understand: the world of hemp, that is, a world where there are both good people and those who pretend to be good in order to get into this world.


The good news is that in this world, these people can be identified faster than usual, because this world is a bit more dangerous.


The bad news is that the frustration of the canna world is greater than usual, because the person you considered a brother a minute ago turns out to be a cannabis muggle.


What to do and how to avoid, you ask?


Here are the top 5 tips to avoid dating the wrong smokers:

  • A person who pretends to be “real Jah warrior” always wants to get you high before himself and even give you such a strong puff, so that you can go around the world and sing about the strongest weed and the most heroic smoker;
  • Our brothers and sisters are positive and good people with philosophical views, not those proud traits who like to say bad things about your staff and talk for hours about “their peculiarity”.
  • A true Jah-warrior does not always smoke a lot, but he is always loyal to the worldview of others and can always give good advice on 420
  • A real warrior of Jah will not call the police when he sees someone smoking
  • A real Bob Marley fan can get high the police and they turn to 420 side