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    More about Hash

    Hash or Hashish is a product of cannabis, which is the resin of cannabis, made by pressing the powder obtained by drying and grinding or sifting the dried leaves and sticky, oily layers from the plant’s flowering tops. This substance is collected and pressed into briquettes, which can be plastic or solid, dry or powdery.

    What is the difference between Hash and Marijuana?

    Hashish should not be confused with marijuana, a product obtained from the pressed herb of cannabis and in the form of cubes, consisting of a powdered plant mass, including various parts of the plant: inflorescences, leaves, stems, and seeds. As a rule, hashish differs from dried marijuana in a much stronger psychoactive effect, obtained due to the greater concentration of psychoactive substances in it.

    In our store, it is one of the most popular products. Having tried Hash once, many remain faithful forever.