Alpine Vape Cartridges UK

90% THC


Alpine Vape Cartridges UK

Alpine Vape Cartridges UK come in sativa, indica and hybrid. Their award-winning triple distilled oil is lab certified and free of diluting agents for a pure experience. In addition, one of the biggest advantage for Alpine is that they have a strain for every mood.

Hybrid: Complex and versatile. Get the benefits of both worlds with this blended strain.

OG Kush
Indica: Soothing and therapeutic. Transition from day to night and feel the deep relaxation.

True OG
Northern Light
Sativa: A strain known for its classic high, perfect for anyone to use.

Jack Herer
Super Silver Haze
Blue Dream
Blue Dream, GDP, GG#4, GSC, Jack Herer, Northern Light, OG Kush, Skywalker, Super Silver Haze, Tangie, True OG


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